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Workshops & Group Coachings

From 2023, I will offer predominantly process-based modular programs. The past years have proven that the participants can expand their competence profile in a more conscious and motivated way by gaining personal experiences between the meetings that were related to the topics of the modules. Through these processes participants can integrate changed behaviors into their lives in a more sustainable way.  

I offer content, methodically and didactically founded target group specific workshops & group coaching on the following topics (- single or also combined with each other -)

Career Development

  •  Academic Independence
  •  Career Crafting - career design according to one's own competence and value profile
  •  Job crafting - pro-active shaping of one's own position
  •  Competence profile development and advancement
  •  Networking in science
  •  Professional handling of competition
  •  Self-presentation - improving personal visibility through conscious profiling and positioning
  •  Overcoming visibility traps
  •  Vision development
  •  Goal setting and strategy development


  •  Balancing between authentic autonomy & vital community
  •  Emotion regulation & dealing with vulnerability
  •  Mindfulness & presence in everyday life (supported by meditation practice)
  •  Integration of brain, body, psyche and spirit
  •  Life-balance & well-being 
  •  Resource-oriented self-organization
  •  How to Gain Confidence & Assertiveness- Overcoming the Impostor Self-Concept
  •  Stress reduction & resilience

Social Competencies & Communication

  •  Equal opportunities in science - Gender & diversity competence
  •  Giving and taking feedback
  •  Gender-appropriate communication
  •  Conversation and negotiation skills
  •  Setting limits & saying no!
  •  Intercultural competence - Third culture building   
  •  Conflict management
  •  Facilitation (as a communication tool)
  •  Assertive communication in a hierarchical system
  •  Constructive handling of competition
  •  Psychological security as a basis for proper cooperation
  •  Fostering social networking and visibility through pro-active dialog and/or constructive  handling of visibility traps
  •  Negotiation

Doctoral Supervision, Management & Leadership

  •  Selection of suitable candidates & employees
  •  Supervision of doctoral projects
  •  Burnout prevention and well-being of managers and employees
  •  Equal opportunities in science - gender & diversity
  •  Feedback culture
  •  Gender and diversity competent recruitment of employees
  •  Leadership profile & style (self-image/image of others: competencies & values)
  •  Planning and analyzing leadership with Beckhard's GRPI model
  •  Crisis management
  •  Employee, status and target agreement interviews
  •  Motivation and promotion of employees


I offer the following options for my group events

  •     always in a blended learning format
  •     in online format (e.g. via ZOOM) or
  •     in onsite format
  •     online and face-to-face format combined (e.g. if multi-module)
  •     never in hybrid format
  •     single-module performance or multi-module processes (2 to 7 modules)

My online modules have a duration of 2 to 4.5 hours.

My face-to-face modules have a duration of 1 to 3 days.