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Coaching Process

The course of a coaching process
depends on the current situation and the personal concerns and goals of my clients.

During the first session
the structure of a coaching process is presented:   

  1. Stock taking: What is my current situation? What are my resources?
  2. Clarification of the specific concern/objective: Where do I want to go?
  3. Perspectives: Which strategies and implementation possibilities suit me?
  4. Strategy: What steps do I choose to achieve my goal?

In this initial meeting, the client's request is specified and the objectives for the coaching process are defined. The number of meetings and the intervals between them are also determined. 

A coaching process
usually consists of several regular meetings, each lasting one to two hours. During the whole time I accompany and support my clients in the development and implementation of the steps necessary to achieve their goals.   

You can arrange appointments with me by e-mail. Sometimes, short notice appointments are possible.