Workshops & Group Coachings

Training and workshops for specific target groups, based on content, methodology and didactics, on the following topic modules (individually or in combination)

Career Development

  • Academic independence (in the German system)
  • Career Crafting - Career design according to your own competence and value profile
  • Job Crafting - Pro-active design of your own position
  • Competence profile compilation and further development 
  • Networking in science
  • Professional handling of competition
  • Self-presentation - improvement of personal visibility through conscious profiling and positioning
  • Overcoming visibility traps
  • Vision development 
  • Goal setting and strategy development 


  • Resource-oriented self-leadership
  • Self-confidence & assertiveness in the working environment
  • Life-balance, compatibility between professional and private life & well-being   
  • Deep work 
  • Role-management
  • Time management tools

Communication & Leadership

  • Communication and conflict management
  • Equal Opportunities in Science - Gender & Diversity
  • Intercultural Awareness - Third Culture Building   
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Management, leadership 
  • Facilitation approaches
  • Project Management - Basics for PhD Students and early postdocs

Process Guidance & Supervision

  • Peer Coaching/Intervision
  • Mentoring: Process support