The complexity and dynamics of our lives are constantly increasing at a rapid pace. Globalization, the Internet and new technologies, demographic change and the development towards information societies - accompanied by networking processes in all areas of life - are the current megatrends. 

The academic landscape is also directly influenced by these trends and has changed considerably in the course of the last decade: 

The Bologna Process including the Europe-wide teaching reform, 
In Germany the Excellence Initiative of the federal government and the federal states for the promotion of science and research, that has been replaced in July 2019 by the Excellence Strategy, 

  • Increasing competition for third-party funding,
  • Digitalization and internationalization of education, science and research 
  • The realization of equal opportunities at all levels 

make high demands on people who work at universities and colleges. In order to be able to deal appropriately with the current situation, it is becoming more and more common to receive professional support. Who wants to clarify her/his professional situation and to keep orientation and overview today, can choose from different staff development methods (e.g. leadership and mentoring programs, seminars/workshops, peer consulting or individual coaching) that instrument which seems most effective in the current personal situation. Meanwhile, it is even expected from employers of  the academic system that they will make active and responsible use of these offers.

So external coaches have become recognized sparring partners for staff development at German universities, non-university research institutions and universities of applied sciences.